Medicaid Approved Incontinence Supplies

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Home Products Healthcare is a Medicaid-approved provider of home-delivered incontinence and related personal care products. We’ve helped thousands of adults, youth, and children receive incontinence products that are just right for their special needs and completely paid for by Medicaid.

Selection – We carry an extensive selection of incontinent and medical supplies for qualified Medicaid recipients. Our products allow you to be active and confident throughout daily activities without fear of embarrassing accidents.

Service – You’ll always speak with a compassionate, highly trained professional. They not only understand bladder control issues and the workings of Medicaid, but your concerns, too. Whether you call once or many times, you’ll always receive our utmost respect, while we answer your questions, recommend products, send you samples, or simply listen.

Home Products Healthcare currently serves qualified residents in the state of Ohio.

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